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Step It Up: 5 Ways to Paint Your Stairs

Need a statement for your entryway? Tired of your boring old stairs to bed? The following tips can help you think a little outside the box when it comes to painting your way upstairs.

Ombre. This may take a little creativity when it comes to mixing, but the overall effect is worth it. Paint your bottom riser a bright, bold color, then mix a little more white into the paint for each riser as you go up. The result? An eye catching, faded hue from bottom to top.

Go bold. This works especially well if most of your home's color palette is on the milder side. Choose a bright, bold color like yellow or turquoise and turn your staircase into a statement piece.

Mix ’n match. Choose a handful of complimentary colors or gradient shades and paint each of your steps a different hue.

Pinstripes. If you have a careful hand and are a stencil pro, pinstriping your stairs can offer a chic, classy look. Black and white anyone?

Painted runner. Instead of a carpet runner, paint a wide stripe down the center of each stair and down onto the risers to create a sleek runner from top to bottom.

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