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How to Make a Backyard Oasis

Want to get away this summer? Consider getting away to your own backyard. Below are five ways to create a relaxing oasis in your own yard.

Pack it with plants. Look into some easy-growing “tropical” style plants that fit with your area’s summer climate. Keep your tropical plants in pots, and when the weather starts to cool, bring the oasis inside with you.

Add water. You don’t need a grotto to get some aquatic vibes out back. They make many small “kiddie” style pools that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to pack away at the end of the season. Place some plants around the edges to blend the pool into your space.

Seating situation. Looking for a modern vibe? If you have overhead support like a covered patio or deck, consider a hanging sofa or hammock. No beams to hang from? Consider a cool daybed for lounging or a cluster of cushy chairs.

Throw shade. If you don’t have a covered deck, rig a shade cloth or find an attractive, portable easy-up to encourage outdoor activity even when it’s hot out.

Make your colors pop. Add colorful, tropical accents like bright orange throw pillows on your outdoor chairs, lush green privacy curtains around your covered deck, or hot pink ceramic planters to house your portable plants.

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