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Do You Need an Attorney to Sell Your Home?

If you're thinking about selling your home, you're likely sniffing around for a good real estate professional. Or if you've found your agent, you may be wondering if you need anyone else on your side, like an attorney.

The short answer is, unless you live in one of the few states that require a real estate attorney to close your home, you don't need a lawyer when selling. Real estate agents help with many of the tasks an attorney might, like preparing the necessary paperwork, dissecting any fees associated with selling, and responding to questions by other agents or buyers.

However, real estate agents and brokers are not attorneys, so if having official legal aide on your side will help you complete a deal with confidence, you may want to bring one on board to look at your final contracts and explain the tax and other legal implications that come with selling.

Be mindful that you should choose an attorney with expertise in real estate transactions, not just your second cousin with a law degree. Before hiring someone, discuss all the details of the transaction, including all legal costs you will incur. 

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