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Building a Bug-Free Home, Naturally

No one likes to see bugs inside their space, but many of us aren't comfortable dousing our homes in toxic chemicals—especially if we have little ones or pets. Below are several natural ways to ward off bugs.

Seal up. One of the simplest places to start keeping bugs out is making sure your doors and windows are properly sealed. Even the smallest crack or tear in a screen can let in intruders, and once they're in, they can nest.

Citrus traps. Spiders dislike the odor of citrus, so keep small mesh baggies of orange peels around your home, and refresh every few weeks.

Cornmeal. Did you know ants can't digest cornmeal? But, this doesn't keep them from eating it, and when they do, they don't survive. If you notice ants inside, sprinkle cornmeal around and wait for the results.

Spritz with peppermint. Many bugs, including ants and spiders, dislike peppermint. Simply mix a few drops of peppermint oil with water and spritz it around your kitchen, bathroom, and entry points to deter bugs. You can also mix it with vinegar to clean as you go.

Diatomaceous Earth is a nontoxic, scentless powder made up of fossilized remnants of microscopic sea creatures called diatoms. Odd, right? Even odder is that bugs dislike it, so if you sprinkle it around the house, you'll notice a pest reduction. Bonus: You can also use it on your pets to rid them of fleas!

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