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5 Unusual House Cleaning Hacks

Whether you're doing a deep house purge to list your home for sale, or are just hoping to spice up your weekly cleaning arsenal, it's never a bad idea to consider new cleaning methods. These tips can help.

Attack your air vents. Having a hard time reaching dust in the crevices of your air vent? Use a knife. Wrap a butter knife in a rag, moisten it with all purpose cleaner, and slide it between your vents to remove trapped dust, dirt and hair.

Lint roll your screens. In between deep screen cleans, use a lint roller to remove dust and dirt from your screens.

Tong your blinds. Have dusty window blinds? Wrap a pair of metal tongs with rags, secure the cloth with rubber bands, dampen them with all purpose cleaner, and slide the wrapped tongs over your blind strips.

Steam clean your microwave. If you've had enough of hand scrubbing your microwave, try this: Place a bowl of equal parts water and vinegar in your microwave and heat if for one minute. Once it's done, simply wipe away grime and grease with a rag.

Dust mop your walls. If you have a dust mop or Swiffer, use it to remove dust or mold from the walls of your home, especially areas with high moisture, like the bathroom.

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