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How to Make Your Floors Shine

Nothing says "clean house" quite like sparkling floors. But what is the best way to make that floor shine? It depends on your type of flooring. 

Tile. After properly cleaning your tile floor, a high-gloss tile sealer can help lock in shine and keep grime at bay. Note that excessively glossy floors may become very slippery so do your research when choosing and testing a product.

Wood. The easiest way to make your hardwood shine is with wax. But after a while, a wax build-up can actually dull your wood floors. If you think this may be happening, find a good commercial wax stripping product and remove your old wax before adding a fresh coat. Another easy tip is to buff your wood floors after you mop them using a microfiber cloth.

Painted concrete. Painted concrete is quite easy to clean. Making it shine is a whole different story. The best way to do this is with a glossy sealer to create a shiny surface, or an acrylic wax for a protective coat, great for garages and basements.

Slate. Slate floors are often found in kitchens and bathrooms - high traffic areas that are prone to scuffing. To make your slate floor shine, consider a sealer, which will block dirt and grime and help to create a pretty shine.

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