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How to Prep Your Home for Hurricanes

Hurricane season is lurking, and homeowners across the country are prepping for summer storms by protecting their largest investment: their home.

Preparing for a storm in advance is vital to your home’s safety, especially if your family will be forced to evacuate, leaving your home empty during the storm.

Below are five ways you can prep your home for hurricanes.

Seal windows and doors. Windows and doors are often the top culprits for leaks and cracks during storms, so make sure yours are adequately sealed.

Take inventory. Make sure you have a detailed inventory of what you have inside your home, with photos. This information is critical should you need to file an insurance claim post-storm.

Make sure you’re covered. Before you begin boarding up windows, make sure your homeowners insurance covers hurricane and storm damage. Pro tip: Make sure your policy will cover the entire cost of rebuilding your home if you lose it to storm damage.

Consider flood insurance. Do you have insurance that covers flooding and flood-related damage? If your area is at high risk for hurricanes, this can save you big should the season be a wet one.

Have your roof inspected. Make sure your roof is in top condition, and patch or re-seal where necessary. If you live in a high risk hurricane state, look into adding roof straps for extra protection.

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